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Hearts and Shapes

The Story of

Cille's Daughter

"Cille" is short for Lucille.  Lucille was a beautiful woman who loved her daughter.  In 2017, the courageous and loving (but straight forward) lady lost her battle with renal failure.  She had a passion for her friends, family, but most of all, her daughter and her God.

My mother had so much, but never qualified her life with things, but rather quality.  Cille's Closet was established to share the items she collected over a lifetime with others in "need" or just in "want". With care, we wish to share these items with you or those who need them, in a business model that fits your budget. If someone you know has fallen into hard times, you can search Cille's Closet.  If someone you know has been affected by a disaster or this pandemic, you can search Cille's Closet. Whatever the need, we wish to be your one stop.

You will find a variety of items in Cille's Closet.  While shopping, enjoy the unique experience of how Cille's merchandise tells the story of this wonderful lady and provide a description of the item. Enjoy the experience!


Name-Your-Own-Price (NYOP) is a business model Cille's Closet uses in which our customers are provided a suggested price for an item, and they can name their price.  If the price is accepted, we will sell the item with a nominal shipping fee.  The items are categorized as: "not used"; "slightly used" or "used with lots of love".  Our not-for-profit structured service combined with a "yard sale" type feel, will enable many customers to benefit.


At the end of the day, Cille's Daughter allows CARE to override the business while you shop in Cille's Closet. 

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