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We weren't used often, because we often had dinner parties for more than just two.  So, we sat on the breakfast table often used in the sunroom for coffee or tea.  We are a set of two plates and two saucers. My plates are 11" x 11" and my saucers are 8" x 8"; so needless to say, we could hold a cup of coffee or tea and a breakfast muffin (small of course) and our plates could hold whatever southern cuisine you placed on us.  We made a very elegant southern inspired table. Take note, one of my dinner plates managed to get a small chip on the bottom (not seen from the top)

Vista Alegre Portugal (set of two twin plates and saucers)

SKU: 1 set in stock
  • Vista Alegre Portugal plates and saucers; compare to the Vista Alegre dinner set pictured; saucer size often larger than standard saucers; Plates (11" x 11") and Saucers (8" x 8")

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